Quiz: Should You Hire a Paid Search Agency?

Collin Young

Are you flirting with the idea of hiring a company to manage your PPC campaign? We have put together a questionnaire to fill out to help you decide if you should continue to manage your PPC campaign yourself, or call in the reserves and hire an agency to manage it for you. This is Teen Vogue-inspired, tallying your answers to give you a very scientific answer as to whether or not you need to hire a paid search agency (cough The frank Agency) to handle your campaign.

  1. Do you spend more than an hour a day working on your PPC campaign?
  2. Are device type bid modifiers a part of your campaign?
  3. Have you made any adjustments to your geo-targeting since launching the campaign?
  4. Are you using conversion tracking to measure results?
  5. Are you satisfied with the results you are seeing?
  6. Would a hiccup in your account be detrimental to your business?
  7. Are ad copy tests a part of your strategy?
  8. Do you know what ad extensions are?
  9. Are you enthralled when working on your PPC campaign?

Score Card

Great, now let’s get to the results. Tally up your points with the legend below, and we will see how you fared.

  1. Yes – 0, No – 1
  2. Yes – 0, No – 1
  3. Yes – 0, No – 1
  4. Yes – 0, No – 1
  5. Yes – 0, No – 1
  6. Yes – 1, No – 0
  7. Yes – 0, No – 1
  8. Yes – 0, No – 1
  9. Yes – 0, No – 1

Now that you have your points tallied, let’s see what your results are.


0-2 – Keep doing your thing!

3-5 – Take a good hard look at what you are doing as the time may be nearing to hand off the management of your campaign.

6-9 – You should fill out the contact form because it appears you need some help!

In all seriousness, if you are spending too much time managing your paid search campaigns, aren’t sure what you are doing, or don’t feel that you’re getting the most from your campaigns, we are here to help. As an experienced paid search agency, we have the knowledge and expertise to turn your campaigns around. Contact us today to learn more!

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