2015 Kansas City Corporate Challenge Wrap-Up

Team frank

For the past four years, The frank Agency has competed in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC). KCCC is an Olympic-type event where more than 200 Kansas City area companies interact with each other through a variety of sporting events between the months of April and June. This includes 60 events such as 3v3 basketball, bowling, bike race, track and field, dodge ball, flag football, swimming and many others.

The games of the 2015 Kansas City Corporate Challenge have come to a close. The frank Agency had a blast flexing our muscles, running, swimming, pulling, throwing and benching. You name it, we did it! We are happy to announce that we finished in 3rd place in our division, our highest finish ever. A few highlights from this year’s games:

  • We competed in a total of 50 events.
  • We earned 12 medals (5 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) in 5 sports (flag football, swimming, team triathlon, trap shooting, and tug of war).
  • We got our first medal in flag football this year.
  • We competed in women’s trapshooting for the first time this year.
  • The frank Agency has placed higher each year it has completed. In 2012 we finished in 11th place, 2013 in 7th, 2014 in 5th, and this year 3rd place. Next year we’re after the Gold!
  • A special thanks to the following athletes who competed in the most sports: Mark Groves (11 sports), Mike Drummond (11), James Fuller (10), Becky Tomsic (9) and Bette Jo Hauber (7)

We are all recovered and already thinking of t-shirt designs and plays for next year! Great job, team frank!

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