Looking Back at the 2014 Holiday Festivities

Team frank

In December, #teamfrank gathered at the Gaslight Grill for the annual Holiday Party. The afternoon was filled with great food, great drink and most importantly great company. The frank Agency’s very own Special Events Committee, better known as the SEC around the office, spent countless hours setting up this special soiree.

As is custom with any #frank party, the day kicked off with a happy hour (did we mention we love happy hour?) before getting into the good stuff. Each member of #teamfrank brings a special something to the table. Be it a quirky habit, a hard work ethic or a combination of both, we feel they should be recognized. Executive Vice President, Susan Reiter presented awards to members of #teamfrank. A few honorable mentions include The Funny Bone Award to Justin Wieners, The Norm from Cheers Award to Tom Stofac, and the Reliever of the Year Award to Sarah Cline.

The man, the myth and the legend himself, Frank Weyforth made a special appearance and had a few words to say to get #teamfrank fired up. After all, we wouldn’t be here without him. Cheers to you, Frank.

If you’ve checked out the #teamfrank blog before, you’re no stranger to the wacky videos the place churns out. A special holiday edition played while people shuffled in and out of a photobooth… and back to an impromptu happy hour of course. Everyone’s favorite happening (well, almost everyone) of course, was the raffle. Members of #teamfrank won some great prizes, including iPads, LED TVs, Kate Spade bags, and a snow blower to name a few. Everyone went home with something, courtesy of the SEC.

As we kick off the New Year, be sure to check back in for a special 2014 recap along with some industry insight from our direct marketing experts. From the #teamfrank family to yours, we hope you had a great Holiday!

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