Learn to Define and Target Your Audience in Direct-Mail Marketing

Overhead picture of lots of houses and prospective direct-mail recipients.
The frank Agency August 14th, 2017

In a standard game of darts, the goal may be to accrue the most points or get down to zero. Therefore, you meticulously select a target on the board that will allow you to reach your goal faster, with fewer throws. Unless you’re horrible at darts, you probably wouldn’t just close your eyes and throw … Continue reading “Learn to Define and Target Your Audience in Direct-Mail Marketing”

3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Title Tags for SEO

Laptop with Title Tags
Dustin Freund August 6th, 2017

There’s no question that effective usage of title tags can dramatically affect a website’s SEO performance. But what do we mean by “effective?” Are we referring to squeezing in every keyword possible into the title tags? Strictly adhering to Google’s character limit in the title tag? Preserving the order in which keywords appear? Or something … Continue reading “3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Title Tags for SEO”

Facebook Live Introduces Closed Captioning

Hearing-Impaired woman watches Facebook Live's closed captioning
Vanessa Koonce July 24th, 2017

We all know that Facebook Live is a hot topic in the social space. Whether a brand is highlighting event activities or providing some “how-to” insight, everyone wants to showcase their content in real time. In June 2017, Facebook made their live streaming feature a little more all-inclusive. In an effort to encourage live stream … Continue reading “Facebook Live Introduces Closed Captioning”

Can You Feel This? How to Effectively Use Texture in Direct-Mail Marketing

Can You Feel This - How to Effectively Use Textures in Direct-Mail Marketing
The frank Agency July 18th, 2017

Imagine running your hands over the butter-soft leather seats of a luxury car. Consider how a soothing caress from a mother can calm down a baby. Recall what it feels like to step barefoot on your freshly cut grass. The sensation of touch is the first and most basic of human senses. And it can … Continue reading “Can You Feel This? How to Effectively Use Texture in Direct-Mail Marketing”

How to Perform Effective SEO Competitive Analysis

SEO Competitive Analysis
Dustin Freund July 6th, 2017

In today’s ever-increasing advertising landscape, SEO competitive analysis is essential to the success of any website. Competitive analysis can be as in-depth and scientific as needed, and the process truly never ends as new competition pops up and current competition shifts. Let’s explore what we mean by “SEO competitive analysis,” its purpose, its techniques, its … Continue reading “How to Perform Effective SEO Competitive Analysis”