Fantastic Question-Based Keywords and Where to Find Them

Question Mark on Keyboard for Keyword Research
Dustin Freund May 10th, 2017

The frank Agency strives to grow our clients’ keyword portfolios as a whole, from keywords that garner thousands of searches per month to the keywords that only receive 20 per searches per month. Many times, these lower-trafficked keywords come in the form of a question. But why bother with these keywords that receive such little … Continue reading “Fantastic Question-Based Keywords and Where to Find Them”

Google Algo Update: Fred

google algo update Fred march 2017
Brett Suddreth March 20th, 2017

A measurable algorithm update has been making waves over the last week and it is having a profound impact on many websites across the web. Dubbed “Fred” by Gary Illes, this algo update seems to be honing in on low-value content and ad-heavy websites. There are some early indications that some affiliate websites across multiple … Continue reading “Google Algo Update: Fred”

How to Improve Rankings through On-Page SEO and Effective Keyword Usage

How to Improve Rankings Through On-Page SEO
Dustin Freund January 20th, 2017

Like any counselor, doctor or football coach, everyone in the SEO game has their own specific philosophy on how to achieve the best results, or in our industry, how to best improve Google rankings. As a copywriter by trade turned SEO digital content strategist, I’ll admit I am biased – I personally first look at … Continue reading “How to Improve Rankings through On-Page SEO and Effective Keyword Usage”

Google Algorithm Update on MLK Day 2017?

Google Logo Full
Brett Suddreth January 18th, 2017

We are picking up some chatter that there may have been a Google algorithm update on Martin Luther King Day – January 16, 2017. Some webmasters have reported noticeable swings in their rankings and traffic starting on Monday. The chart below show that there was an uptick in ranking fluctuations, according to RankRanger. As you can see, … Continue reading “Google Algorithm Update on MLK Day 2017?”

The Difference Between SEO Content and Content Marketing

seo content vs content marketing
Kim Velten November 30th, 2016

In the SEO world, there’s a growing stalemate. It’s well known to white hats that content is a crucial aspect of any solid SEO program, but what’s being debated is how content should be approached. For many years, it was quantity over quality. Produce as many blogs as possible in a given month; create dynamic … Continue reading “The Difference Between SEO Content and Content Marketing”